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How to make the most of your Chiroesence Session

At Quiroesencia, we value your well-being and want to ensure that you get the most out of each session with us. In this post, we will provide you with useful tips to get the most out of your experience in our wellness and natural therapies room. Whether this is your first contact with us or you are a repeat customer, these tips will help you get the best results.

Our advice:

  • Understand your Goals 

  • Before your session at Quiroesencia, take a moment to reflect on your goals and expectations. What wellness issues do you want to address? What improvements do you expect? Sharing these details with your massage therapist will allow you to personalize your treatment effectively.

  • Maintain Open Communication:

  • During your session, do not hesitate to communicate any feelings, discomforts or questions you may have. Open communication with your massage therapist is essential to ensure your treatment meets your needs and is tailored accordingly.
  • Follow your masseuse's recommendations:

  • After your session, your massage therapist will likely provide you with recommendations, such as exercises or lifestyle changes. It is essential to follow these guidelines to obtain the best long-term results.
  • Follow-up Sessions Program:

  • Osteopathy, chiromassage and natural therapies often require follow-up sessions to achieve sustainable results. Be sure to schedule these sessions according to our team's recommendations.
  • Take care of your General Wellbeing:

  • In addition to the sessions at Chiroesencia, taking care of your general well-being is essential. Maintain a healthy lifestyle, eat well, exercise and get enough sleep to enhance the positive effects of your treatment.


At Quiroesencia, we are committed to providing you with quality treatment that improves your health and well-being. By following these tips, you can get the most out of each session and achieve the desired results. We hope to see you soon at our clinic.

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