Osteopathy in Granada Quirosencia

Osteopathy in Granada Quirosencia. Did you know that osteopathy has three different lines of work, which embrace all its techniques, to achieve a normalization of biomechanics? All the techniques used to release body dysfunctions are very specific and guided by tests that mark the direction of the session differently for each person.

Its three main branches are: Osteopathy Structural, Craniosacral and Visceral that accompanied by personal work will take us to another level of well-being so desired.

On the way to a good posture, this group of techniques will guide us towards postural reeducation. In addition to learning the path of self-care, we help you discover how to take care of your body in a correct way adapted to you. Discover Osteopathy in Granada Quirosencia.

Quiroesencia tu centro de osteopatía en Granada

Types of Osteopathy

The Osteopathy in Chiroesence can contain aspects of each type of quiromassage. If you have a preference, please let us know.

With structural osteopathy we will correct the dysfunctions that appear in the body, especially in the muscles and joints. The dysfunctions appear in most cases due to prolonged bad posture over time. It works with a massage base and normalization of joint movement. Together with this line of work with Sports ChiroMassage, a normalization of the body musculature and the first step for postural reeducation can be achieved.

It works by performing continuous tests to assess the most shortened areas and work with specific manipulations to achieve correct joint movement and postural hygiene.

Sometimes if the biomechanics is modified to its correct state, a rejection of the body is generated that manifests itself in muscular discomfort and fatigue, this is due to the adaptation of the muscles to their new work position.

In visceral osteopathy we work the viscera of the body in a reflex way, releasing the abdominal girdle by releasing the fasciae to a greater extent, we eliminate pressure on the envelope of the organs, producing a correct use of them and appreciating it in a reflex way connected by the system. highly strung.

As it is a therapy that is performed in a short time depending on each case, it complements very well with craniosacral.

Craniosacral osteopathy is a manual therapy that focuses on the evaluation and treatment of the connection between the skull, the spine and the sacrum. This therapy is based on the idea that the central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, is closely related to the bones, soft tissues, and fluids that surround the skull and spine.

Your therapist will use gentle manual techniques to assess and treat mobility and fluid flow around the brain and spinal cord. The therapist may also work with other soft tissues, such as muscles, fascia, and ligaments, to improve the function and mobility of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Craniosacral osteopathy can be helpful in treating a variety of health problems, including headaches, migraines, neck and back pain, jaw problems, sleep disorders, balance problems, emotional problems, and many others. 

supplementary natural techniques

Natural techniques have their origin in the tools of our ancestors, used for your care today. We invite you to discover them with us! 

Aromatherapy applied in the sessions is, without a doubt, a great ally.

In addition to its sedative and relaxing qualities, we will focus on its effect of cold and heat according to the needs of your body and mood.

Lavender – It is the most widely used essential oil in the world today, but the benefits of lavender were discovered more than 2,500 years ago. Due to its powerful antioxidant, antimicrobial, sedative, calming, and antidepressant properties, lavender oil has many benefits and has been used both cosmetically and therapeutically for centuries.

Lemon – The health benefits of lemon essential oil have been well established scientifically. Lemon is best known for its ability to cleanse toxins from the body, and is widely used to stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve skin and mood, and fight bacteria and fungus.

Orange – Used in aromatherapy, the pleasant aroma of Orange essential oil has a cheerful and stimulating effect, as well as a relaxing and calming effect that helps reduce heart rate. It can not only create a warm environment, but also stimulate the strength and endurance of the immune system and eliminate airborne bacteria.

Cinnamon - Its effect is warm and a great ally to warm up the muscles. Cinnamon has been shown to have positive effects on insulin release, which means it can help keep blood sugar stable and therefore prevent chronic fatigue, moodiness, sugar cravings and anxiety. Eat excessively.

It comes from the principles of acupuncture and works by stimulating energy channel points to stimulate different areas of the body. It works with acupuncture needles or seeds placed at different points depending on the pathology. 

With the help of stretching and osteopathy, we will gradually seek to achieve the ranges of mobility of the joints, taking into account the peculiarity of the morphology of each body.