Massage in Granada

In Quiroesencia, we embrace many types of both Eastern and Western massages and techniques that they adjust to your need, such as different types of pressure, speed, and manipulations that applied in a personalized way will help you enjoy the experience you want.

He hand massage, or chiromassage, is characterized by not using electrical devices or mechanical instruments, thanks to the continuous communication between the client and therapist through touch, it creates a link to guide the session with the techniques that best suit each case.

The various techniques applied depending on the specific objective to be achieved include traditional massage, Japanese massage, acupressure, sensitive massage, and myofascial techniques, among others. This set turns chiromassage into a powerful tool for health care and well-being. Discover the massage in our studio in the Albaicin of Granada when making an appointment.

Can book your massage sensitive or relaxing through our secure payment system or through e-mail, WhatsApp, either phone.

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Chiroessence, chiromassage in Granada

At Quiroesencia, we adapt to the needs of each patient and for this reason, we offer different types of massage depending on what you want.

If you have a preference, please let us know when doing your booking.

With this massage we seek to relax the tension accumulated by stress to which we are exposed daily in our routine.

The whole body is worked so that the experience relaxes us and releases tensions. The pressure is shallow and the pace slow, being able to reach a state of sleepiness. 

The space will have warm, dim light and candlelight, with Relaxing music adjusted to the quiet volume that the space requires. 

It is recommended to use the essential oil that produces the most relaxation to stimulate your senses just enough. 

The session is carried out with oil, so it is necessary to stay in underwear. Neither glutes nor chest are worked. 

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relaxing massage
relaxing massage - decontracting

Enjoy this massage and in addition to the benefits of relaxing massage we will begin to delve deeper into the soft tissue such as fascia and muscle bodies. 

Is highly recommended if it's your first time that you receive a massage since it allows you to know different types of pressure. 

The pressure will be from superficial to medium, with joint movement and work on muscle stretching. The space will have cold light to be able to observe the musculature and the state of biomechanics well.

It is done with relaxing music adjusted to the calm volume that the space requires and it is recommended to use the essential oil that produces the most relaxation for you. stimulate your senses and reach the maximum state of well-being. 

The session is carried out with oil with which it is necessary to stay in underwear, under the consent of the client it can be done hip and pectoral unloading and stretching of the muscles.

with this session we will get one unloading of the musculature focusing on the most overloaded muscles. 

Although it is sporty, the pressure and intensity can be adjusted to suit any physical condition and that we can all enjoy its benefits. 

In it we will use several specific techniques such as the rolled clamp or trigger point, and above all the venous emptying to nourish and clean the muscles

The space will have cold light to be able to observe the musculature and the state of the biomechanics well, with relaxing music adjusted to the calm volume that the space requires. 

It is recommended to use the essential oil that best suits the muscular need, which can be hot or cold. 

The session is carried out with oil, so it is necessary to stay in underwear. 

Under the client's consent, hip and pectoral unloading can be done without any connotation beyond muscle relaxation and muscle stretching.  

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sport massage
anti-cellulite massage

With this wonderful technique can be reached lose up to 1cm in diameter at the waist per session. 

We divided it into two parts: first a more mechanical one with toning massage with anti-cellulite cream and fascia and dermis work, with the possibility of reaching three levels of depth that you must choose, more superficial rolling pinching, and medium-depth rattling with suction cups. 

In the second part, the work will be more relaxing in which we will enjoy a lymphatic drainage, reflexology, and aromatherapy that will activate the metabolism.

supplementary natural techniques

Natural techniques have their origin in the tools of our ancestors, used for your care today. We invite you to discover them with us! 

Hatha Yoga is a traditional form of yoga that forms the basis for many other modern yoga styles. Hatha Yoga is like a beautifully woven tapestry of conscious movement, alignment, breathing and attention to our internal processes, leading us to inner peace. At our boutique studio, we customize this holistic approach to yoga practice so that our Yoga classes in groups and individuals are accessible and inclusive for all practitioners.

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In today's world, where everything happens at a fast pace, physical well-being is the key to a happy and healthy life. One way to achieve this is through sports massage, and at Quiroesencia, we take this experience to a higher level. Our sports massage services are designed to provide you with maximum relaxation, recovery and rejuvenation.

What Makes Chiroesencia Unique?

At Quiroesencia, we understand that not all massages are the same. Our team of highly trained professionals brings a unique touch to the world of sports massage. Here we explain why our services stand out:

Personalized Approach

Each person is unique, as are their massage needs. Our team takes the time to understand your specific requirements, whether you are an athlete looking for muscle recovery or someone looking for relaxation. This personalized approach ensures that you get the most out of your session.

Experience in Sports Massage

Our therapists are not only skilled; They are experts in sports massage. They have a deep knowledge of the human body, muscle groups and the specific needs of athletes. This experience allows them to provide targeted treatment that aids in muscle recovery and prevents injuries.

If you are used to receiving sessions and want a more intense and personalized download at the pressure you are used to, this is your place.

Facilities in an environment like the Albaicín

Quiroesencia has facilities in an environment like the Albaicín that with its magic creates the perfect atmosphere for your massage. From relaxing music to calming aromas, we've paid attention to every detail to make your experience truly exceptional.

Being able to offer a space in an environment like this is almost like a dream, but what stands out most about our space is finding a happy team willing to focus on you. Without forgetting that the true objective is your care.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

It offers a multitude of benefits, and at Quiroesencia we make sure you experience them to the fullest. Here we present some of the advantages of our sports massage services:

  • Improved Circulation: Sports massage promotes better blood circulation, which helps in the efficient transport of oxygen and nutrients to your muscles.
  • Faster Recovery: Whether you are an athlete recovering after an intense training session or someone looking to relieve muscle tension, our sports massage can speed up the healing process.
  • Stress Reduction: The relaxing touch of our therapists can help reduce stress and anxiety, leaving you in a state of deep relaxation.
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion: Sports massage can improve your flexibility and expand your range of motion, making it a great option for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.


In a world where stress and physical discomfort often take center stage, Quiroesencia's sports massage services are like a breath of fresh air. We offer a unique and personalized experience that goes beyond relaxation and recovery. With a team of experts, facilities in an environment like the Albaicín and a variety of services to choose from, we are your one-stop destination for all your massage needs. Do not wait more; Experience the magic of Quiroesencia sports massages and discover a healthier and happier you.

In today's busy world, where tensions and worries accumulate, finding a haven of peace and relaxation is essential to maintain balance in our lives. The relaxing Quiroesencia massage is a unique experience that will immerse you in a deep state of well-being and tranquility.

What Makes Relaxing Chiroessence Massage Special?

In Chiroessence, We are proud to offer a relaxing massage that goes beyond expectations. Here we explain why our services stand out:

1. Highly Trained Therapists

Our team of therapists is made up of highly trained professionals in the art of relaxing massage. Each therapist has a deep understanding of the techniques necessary to induce maximum relaxation.

2. Personalized Attention

We understand that each individual is unique, and so are their relaxation needs. At Quiroesencia, we take the time to listen to your specific needs and tailor the massage to give you a truly personalized experience.

3. Atmosphere of Serenity

Our facilities have been carefully designed to create an atmosphere of serenity. From the soft lighting to the soft music, every detail has been considered to ensure you immerse yourself in a total relaxation experience.

4. Variety of Options

We offer a variety of relaxing massage options, from classic Swedish massage to aromatherapy. You can choose the type of massage that best suits your preferences and needs.

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