How to Adapt More Advanced Meditation Techniques for Beginning Meditators

More advanced meditation techniques for beginner meditators


Personal transformation through Vipassana practice

Regular Vipassana practice can lead to profound personal transformation; beginning meditators will find greater understanding of the mind and greater inner peace by observing reality as it is.

Discovering Insight Meditation

We also studied Insight Meditation with some meditation teachers from other parts of the world, such as England and the United States. This style is based on Vipassana meditation, but its teachings have been adapted for Western culture. This system is based on the observation of the mind and experience to reach even higher levels of self-knowledge and equanimity.

Key Insight Meditation Techniques

Mindfulness of Breathing

In Insight Meditation, as in traditional Vipassana, this technique involves paying attention to thebreathing. Observe your breathing naturally, without trying to control it, and notice how the air enters and leaves. Paying attention to breathing is a fundamental practice to develop concentration.

Observation of Body Sensations

As in Vipassana, observe the sensations in the body. If you are beginner meditators, we will begin by exploring sensations of heat, cold, pressure, tingling or other physical sensations. Observe these sensations without judging, simply observing their presence and change.

Observation of Thoughts and Emotions

In Insight Meditation, you are encouraged to observe thoughts and emotions as they arise in the mind. This involves becoming aware of thought patterns and emotional reactions without identifying with them.

Meditation on the Breadth of Consciousness

This technique involves expanding attention to include all experiences present in consciousness at a given moment. This can include sounds, body sensations, thoughts and emotions. It is about maintaining an open and receptive consciousness to everything that arises.

Meditation on Authenticity

Michael Taft also emphasizes the importance of being authentic in meditation. Instead of forcing a specific attitude or state of mind, it is about observing the mind and emotions as they are in the present moment, without judgment or resistance.

Meditation on Non-Duality

This technique involves exploring the nature of duality and separation in experience. It invites you to investigate the relationship between the observer and the observed, seeking unity and interconnection rather than duality.

Open Presence Meditation

Instead of focusing on a specific object, this technique focuses on open presence, where there is no particular point of focus. It is about being aware of everything that arises in experience, without preference for any particular object of attention.

Meditation on Radical Acceptance

This technique involves practicing radical acceptance of all experiences, whether pleasant or unpleasant. It is about opening to the totality of experience without resistance.

Meditation on Liberation from Identification

This technique focuses on observing how you identify with your thoughts, emotions and beliefs. As you become aware of these identifications, you can free yourself from them and experience greater freedom and mental clarity.

Meditation on Clarity and Luminous Consciousness

Some forms of Insight Meditation explore the nature of consciousness itself, investigating the clarity and luminosity inherent to the mind.

The Detailed Approach to Insight Meditation

These techniques are part of the Insight Meditation approach, which is the system of meditation and more detailed self-knowledge and specific that we have studied.

If you are interested, you can read more about the difference between Insight Meditation and Vipassana Meditation and why we prefer Insight Meditation on our blog.

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