What is the meditation technique called “taking note”?

“Noting,” is a meditation technique used in various mindfulness and insight meditation practices. It is one of the most powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques to increase the strength of your concentration. When I started meditating, it was the technique that caught my attention the most because of its ability to channel the mind and at the same time discover how my thoughts work and move.

This technique consists of labeling or mentally writing down the different thoughts, feelings, sensations or experiences that arise during meditation. The purpose of journaling is to cultivate mindfulness and present moment awareness. It works in the following way:

  • Choose a meditation object: Begin the meditation by selecting a main object of attention. For example, breathing and bodily sensations are very accessible objects on which to focus attention.
  • Observe carefully: As you meditate, your mind will naturally wander and thoughts and sensations will arise. When this happens, instead of getting lost in your thoughts, recognize them and label them. For example, if you notice your mind wandering, you can mentally say “thinking” or “wandering.” There are many categories and lines in which you can take note of thoughts. It is important to work progressively along these lines, according to the level of concentration and preparation that the practitioner has.
  • Be specific: It is helpful to be as specific as possible when taking notes. For example, if you were concentrating on your breathing and suddenly felt an itch in your nose, you would notice "itchy" or "itchy nose" instead of just "feeling."
  • Stay Neutral: It is essential to maintain a neutral and non-judgmental attitude while noting. You are not evaluating or reacting to what is happening; you are simply observing and labeling. This neutrality is crucial to developing mindfulness.
  • Return to the anchor: After noticing the distraction, gently return your attention to the chosen meditation object (e.g., breathing). The process of observation helps you let go of distractions and return to the present moment.

Taking notes is an essential technique for any meditator who wants to raise their level of self-inquiry and concentration. When we know how our minds work, we will also have more ability to channel their energy towards what we want to manifest in our lives, be it in the way we speak, act, manage our emotions and even how we think.

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